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Whisking is when you beat or stir a substance with a light, rapid movement. Typically, a person uses a utensil called a whisk to achieve the whisking preparation method.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

Whisking is performed in order to blend ingredients together, while also adding air into the ingredient(s). Whisking heavy cream will create whipped cream, and whipping egg whites can make a nice meringue. When you whisk you should use a metal or bamboo device known as a whisk. This device is designed so enough air can reach the ingredients at hand.

What You Will Need:

You can obtain a suitable whisk for as little as 5 dollars. While there may be specialty whisks, any whisk will complete all of your whisking tasks with no sweat. You will also need a bowl to whisk in, with decently high edges since the whisk will froth your ingredients around.

Basic Steps:

The steps below are for whisking heavy cream, but apply generally for most ingredients.

  1. Pour your desired amount of heavy cream in a medium bowl and grab your whisk.
  2. Begin moving the whisk side to side in the bowl, gradually moving upwards and downwards while keeping the side to side pattern.
  3. You want to look for stiff “peaks” forming in the heavy cream. This means that your whipped cream is forming! This could take 4-7 minutes to finish, so hang in there.
  4. The heavy cream is fully whisked when you can take the whisk out of the bowl and the peaks will retain their shape.

Tips For You:

  • Although a whisk will suffice for most whisking activities, an electric mixer can be used too. Start off on the lowest setting and gradually increase the speed. Starting off too high could cause the whisking to go wrong or the ingredients to fly out.
  • Most methods for whisking will eventually result in the desired end product, but the recommended method is moving your whisk side to side (rather than a circular pattern).

Some Links To Help With Preparation: