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When you wedge a food, you are cutting or forming it into the shape of a wedge. A wedge typically is the shape of a triangle. Foods that are often wedged are potatoes, cheeses, or apples.


Difficulty to learn: Medium

Some Thoughts For You:

Wedging a food serves several purposes. Often a wedge-shaped food is aesthetically pleasing. It also is easier to pick up. Some foods like lemons can be juiced easily once they are wedged, and wedged lettuce is perfect for a salad.

Almost any solid food can be wedged if you have a knife and a bit of free time!

What You Will Need:

For wedging almost any food, you will need a sharp knife and a cutting board. If the food is a little messy, such as an orange, have a towel handy for quick cleanup.

Basic Steps:

Cutting a cheese wheel into wedges is simple. Just take your knife and cut outward from the center, rotating the cheese wheel until you have cut all the way around. Beautiful cheese wedges will result from this.

The following steps are for cutting a food such as a lemon or lime into wedges. Pretty much any round food without a hard core can be cut this way. Always be careful when working with knives, and use proper hand protection. 

  1. Place the lemon on the cutting board. Carefully slice the ends off of the lemon and discard them.
  2. Turn the lemon so one of the cut ends is resting on the cutting board. Cut the lemon in half down the center.
  3. Chop two times along each lemon half, and now you should have 6 wedges in total!

Tips For You:

  • Wedging a food is not an essential preparation skill, but your friends will be impressed if you hone your knife skills.

Some Links To Help With Preparation: