Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a fat obtained from the olive (the fruit of Olea europaea; family Oleaceae), a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin.

Allergy Alert:

Olive oil allergy symptoms are a hypersensitivity to the proteins found in olive oil. When someone with an olive oil allergy consumes or comes into direct skin contact with the substance, the immune system tries to attack it. This causes the production of antibodies and histamine that leads to common food allergy symptoms. If you suspect that you have an olive oil allergy, make an appointment with an allergist for confirmation (Marks, 2011).

Common Uses:

Commonly used in cooking, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soaps and as fuel for traditional oil lamps. Olive oil is used throughout the world, but especially in the Mediterranean countries and, in particular, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece, which has the highest consumption per person (Wikipedia, n.d.).

Nutritional Information:

Amount Per 1 tablespoon (13.5 g)
Calories 119
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 14 g 21%
Saturated fat 1.9 g 9%
Polyunsaturated fat 1.4 g
Monounsaturated fat 10 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 0 mg 0%
Potassium 0 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 0 g 0%
Dietary fiber 0 g 0%
Sugar 0 g
Protein 0 g 0%
Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0% Iron 0%
Vitamin D 0 µg Vitamin B-6 0%
Vitamin B-12 0% Magnesium 0%

Source Wikipedia. (Note: This is not intended to be used, as it was copied and pasted from a Google search)

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