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Trim  means to remove all unwanted or inedible parts (i.e. sinews, skin, fat etc.) from meat, fish poultry or vegetables. The removed parts are called trimmings and are used for making stocks, soups and sauces. Some dishes are trimmed to improve their appearance, for example poached eggs or pastry before baking (Food Lexicon, nd).


Difficulty to learn: Medium

Some Thoughts For You:

Although trimming a food usually refers to meat, any food that has undesirable portions that should be removed can be trimmed. The fat of meat is not typically kept in the final plating, but it can instead be used to flavor a broth or create a sauce! The same applies for when you trim a food such as a lemon, as the peel parts can be utilized to flavor deserts or drinks.


What You Will Need:

For trimming a cut of meat you will need a cutting board and a sharp knife. For removing peels or the outside of other foods, consider using a knife, peeler, or grater.

Basic Steps:

Use caution when cutting with a sharp knife! If you have cutting gloves, put them on now.

  1. For trimming fat from meat, set your meat on the cutting board, with the fat you are trimming nearest to you.
  2. Grab the meat by the fat and pull it tight toward you. Position the knife between the fat and the meat itself.
  3. Start cutting downward slowly, sawing the knife. Tilt the blade slightly toward the fat, as you don’t want to cut off any good meat!
  4. When you have finished cutting away the portion of fat, store it for later use or throw out if you are finished.

Tips For You:

  • The fat from meat can be rendered through proper boiling and straining. It can be then used for cooking and frying!

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