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Tossing involves lightly mixing several ingredients together. This is usually accomplished by using utensils, hands, or by shaking them in a container.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

Although the act of tossing can be accomplished by physically launching a few ingredients into the air, this is a rather impractical method. Generally, a recipe would ask you to toss several ingredients when they needed to be lightly mixed together by hand.

A prime example of a tossing recipe would be for a salad, where the vegetables and fruits need to be mixed around without damaging any of the ingredients.

What You Will Need:

When you toss most foods, you will need a large mixing bowl. This is to prevent any food from spilling out during the tossing process.

You can use your (clean) hands to toss almost any food, but it is advised that you use kitchen appliances such as salad tongs or two wooden spoons.

Basic Steps:

The following steps apply for tossing some ingredients for a salad.

  1. Grab a clean mixing bowl and add your vegetables, fruits, nuts, or any other ingredient. Do not add the salad dressing yet unless you are about to serve it. Leaving salad dressing on the salad for too long will make everything soggy.
  2. With your salad tongs, grab some salad from the bottom of the bowl and bring it to the top. Release it on the top of the salad, and repeat.
  3. Keep grabbing some salad from the bottom and dropping it on the top until it is tossed to your liking.

Tips For You:

  • Resist the urge to stir a food that should be tossed. Stirring can cause damage to your delicate ingredients, such as tomatoes or apples.

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