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To toast is to brown the surface of a food by exposure to radiant heat (think of a toaster).


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

Toasting is a pretty fast heating method that adds flavor, texture, and color to your food. It only takes a few minutes because the surface of the food is caramelizing. Often, the food is fully cooked before it is toasted, and the toasting portion is for aesthetics and texture. Foods can be toasted in a toaster, toaster oven, or under a broiler.

Foods that are often toasted include sliced breads, sliced bagels, and waffles

What You Will Need:

For most toasting you will need a toaster and/or toaster oven.

The type and size of food you intend to toast depends on the type of toaster you have!

  • Toasters toast both sides of a food and can accommodate sliced bread, bagels, and waffles.
  • Toaster ovens can accommodate foods that are too small, too thin, or too wide for a toaster, such as: pita breads, toast with a topping (such as a slice of cheese), and muffins.

Tips For You:

  • A decent amount of household fires are caused by a food being toasted for too long. You might be tired, but keep an eye on that bread in the morning!

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