Photo by Rachel TayseCreative Commons License.

To tear a food is tug it apart forcefully using hands or a kitchen appliance. A common example of a torn food is pulled pork.


Difficulty to learn: Medium

Some Thoughts For You:

When you tear a food, the key is to use even force with both of your hands. Imagine that you are tearing a sheet of seaweed for making sushi and you tug erratically with only one hand. You’ll be left with a jagged and uneven tear.

Sometimes tearing the food does not require precision. Take pork for example. After slow-cooking pork shoulder, grabbing two forks and jumping straight into the meat will glean you the best results.

What You Will Need:

For tearing most foods, you will only require your hands or a few forks. You might also want to tear your food in a bowl if it is going to get messy.

If you want to step your game up for tearing pork, look into “meat claws”. You wrap your fingers through them and wield them like bear claws, resulting in a quick and easy tearing of the meat. It’s also pretty fun.

Tips For You:

  • If tearing food using a sharp appliance, make sure to use proper hand protection!

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