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When you sweeten a food or recipe, you are making it “sweeter”. This can be through adding sugar, or other ingredients such as molasses.

A lesser used definition for sweeten includes any technique making the recipe less acidic.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

People can sweeten almost any food or recipe. All it takes is a little sugar, honey, or other sweetener and suddenly the food is… sweet!

Some sweeteners apply better than others for certain foods or recipes. For example, you can certainly pour high fructose corn syrup in your coffee, but granulated sugar is more socially acceptable. New low-calorie “artificial” sweeteners have been emerging in the last few years, and they also fall into the realm of sweetening.

Since sweetening simply means making something sweeter, any food that is classified as “sweet” can be used as a sweetener. If you add apple juice to a smoothie, the natural sugar in the juice has acted as a sweetener.

Basically if the food or recipe tastes sweeter after you have added something to it, whatever that something may be, you have successfully sweetened.

Tips For You:

  • If you are unsure of how much of a sweet substance a recipe needs, start with a small amount. It is much easier to add more if it is not sweet enough than trying to figure out how to remove the sweetness after you have added too much.

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