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Carob is a tropical pod that contains a sweet, edible pulp and inedible seeds. After drying, the pulp is roasted and ground into a powder that resembles cocoa powder, but does not have the same flavor and texture of chocolate (Howstuffworks, nd).

Allergy Alert:

Carob is not a common food allergen, but could cause an allergic reaction in some people. If you’re eating a food product made with carob, it may contain other common food allergens that could potentially trigger allergy symptoms. You allergist can provide you with a clinical diagnosis (Livestrong, 2011).

Common Uses:

Carob is used as a sweetener and a substitute for cocoa. It can be ground into powder and made into carob chips for cookies. It can be made into an alcohol, a syrup, and even can be used as an herbal medicine

Dietary Information and Related Articles:

Warm up with some delicious hot carob (the alternative to hot cocoa)!