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Sprouts are the edible shoots of a plant, or are what results from soaking beans/seeds. While they can be purchased at the grocery store, it is possible to grow your own sprouts if you have a few weeks to spare.


Difficulty to learn: Medium/Hard

Some Thoughts For You:

Sprouts are an often underutilized ingredient that can go a long way in terms of nutrition. You can eat sprouts with a salad, mixed in with some pasta, or even blended in a smoothie.

Although it is possible to buy your own bagged sprouts, you might find it more rewarding to grow your own. Some people prefer home-grown sprouts, for both peace of mind and taste!

What You Will Need:

Growing your own sprouts might take a little preparation if you haven’t grown any before. You will need:

  • Seeds used specifically for sprouting. Examples are alfalfa and mung beans, peas, or even mustard seeds.
  • A few wide-mouthed jars (mason jars).
  • Mesh or cheesecloth, and a way to secure it to the lid of the jar. Consider using a rubber band for that.

Basic Steps:

Growing your own sprouts can be a little tricky the first time. Check out this link for some simple steps to get you on the right track!

Tips For You:

  • A decent amount of sprouts you can buy are from mung beans. If you want to try other varieties that aren’t traditionally grown in stores, check a farmer’s market (or try growing your own).

Some Links To Help With Preparation: