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Sprinkling is when you spread tiny particles of an ingredient or drops of a liquid over something. Think, for example, of sprinkling powdered sugar over a doughnut or sprinkling water over dough to moisten it.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

Typically, sprinkling (often referred to as “dusting”) is done to add a decorative effect to a recipe. A baker would sprinkle powdered sugar or sprinkles over a cake, but would not waste time sprinkling flour into the batter since it would have no obvious effect.

Sprinkling has a distinct random look when done sparingly, but can also serve as a good way to quickly evenly cover the surface of something.


What You Will Need:

It is acceptable to sprinkle an ingredient with your fingers, although it might be a little messy. A metal sifter will do a more accurate sprinkling job for most ingredients. For baking, you can invest in high quality sprinkling devices, albeit for occasional baking and cooking this is not necessary.

You should also lay down a towel to catch any scattered ingredient sprinkles.

Basic Steps:

The following steps apply for sprinkling powdered sugar onto a desert, but can be transferred to almost any powdery sprinkling substance.

  1. Place your desert on a plate. Under the plate should be a large towel or covering to catch any missed powdered sugar.
  2. Put a decent amount of powdered sugar into your sifter. Slowly sift the powdered sugar over the desert, moving the sifter back and fourth along the desert so all non-powdered surface is hit.
  3. If you do not have a sifter, reach and grab a handful of powdered sugar. Let it fall through your fingers slowly. Alternately, rub your hands together like you are cleaning them to evenly dispurse the powdered sugar.

Tips For You:

  • If you are sprinkling a liquid, consider dipping a spoon into the liquid and rapidly shaking it over your recipe. This gets a little messy but can get you full coverage of your food.

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