Photo by George RedgraveCreative Commons License.

When you spread an ingredient, you are stretching and drawing it out onto something. Think, for example, of spreading peanut butter onto bread, or jam onto a cracker.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

Oddly enough, the ingredient that you are spreading is usually called a spread (and yes that can get awfully confusing in a recipe). You would want to spread an ingredient when it is very soft and sticks to the food you are spreading it onto. One would not want to attempt to spread a block of cheddar cheese, as it would be exceedingly difficult since it is relatively solid. Alternately, a brie cheese is known to spread well onto crackers or bread.

What You Will Need:

Typically, you spread an ingredient using a butter knife, cheese knife, or similarly dull knife. The knife should be just sharp enough to slide into what you are spreading, but not sharp enough to wreck your food.

Tips For You:

  • It is possible to spread an ingredient using a sharp knife, but be prepared for some gnarled bread after.
  • Having trouble spreading butter because it is cold and hard? Consider using a cheese grater to shred it over your food, and then spreading the fragments.


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