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Smoking is the process of flavoring, cooking, or preserving food by exposing it to smoke from burning or smoldering material, most often wood. Different types of wood can have varying taste effects on the food being smoked. Although not common, smoking liquids is becoming increasingly popular. (Wikipedia, nd).


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Some Thoughts For You:

Smoking foods is a fine art. You can certainly pour a little smoke flavoring over the food and call it a day, but authentic smoking of food involves time, preparation, and money. It also involves research on the types of wood you can smoke and which wood works best with particular foods.

Although the most common food to smoke is meat, you can smoke practically any food. Smoked nuts are common and quite delicious.

There are two main ways to smoke food; wet smoking and dry smoking. You can read more about these two methods at the link at the bottom of this page.

Smoking foods involves a smoker of some sort. You can certainly smoke foods on a regular charcoal grill or propane grill, but for the best results try to use a dedicated smoking appliance. Smokers are not cheap, and usually start at around 300 USD for a mid range type.

You will need to buy or obtain wood, usually in the form of chips. It is highly recommended to buy specialty smoking wood since gathering your own wood can have hidden dangers, such as mold or other outside harmful substances. 


Tips For You:

  • Smoking foods can be a complicated process at first. If one type of wood is not producing the best quality of smoke, simply try another!
  • Yes, it is possible to add smoke to liquids such as soup or alcohol! All you need is a proper smoking appliance such as this.

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