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Slicing a food means to cut it using a knife into thin pieces that are consistent in thickness.


Difficulty to learn: Easy/Medium

Some Thoughts For You:

Slicing is an extremely broad area. It can involve slicing fruits, vegetables, meats, and many other categories of food. There is no set range for how thick a slice should be, but generally slices are between 1/16 and 3/8 inches.

The main key for slicing any food is to use a sharp knife, and to slice in a fluid motion.

What You Will Need:

Generally you will need a cutting board and a sharp knife for slicing. The cutting board is to ensure that your kitchen surfaces do not get scuffed up.

Basic Steps:

The steps below are for slicing a round ingredient such as an apple.

  1. Cut off the very ends of the apple and discard. You can now peel the apple using a knife if you don’t want any skin.
  2. Using a rocking motion, cut down the apple, starting at one end. Move your knife a little to the right each time you finish a cut to begin the next slice.

Tips For You:

  • The type of knife to use for slicing may vary depending on the ingredient, but make sure that it is sharp. For slicing an ingredient with a tough exterior, such as a pineapple, you may find a serrated knife helpful.

Some Links To Help With Preparation: