Photo by Roxanne ReadyCreative Commons License.

Shredding is when you cut or tear a food into long narrow strips, either by hand or by using a grater or food processor.


Difficulty to learn: Easy/Medium

Some Thoughts For You:

Shredding a food can serve a variety of purposes. Shredded meat is a popular preparation, and shredded cheese allows for the cheese to melt more easily.

What You Will Need:

Shredding meat is a little different than shredding cheese. Meat is typically shredded by letting it sit in a slow cooker, and then pulling apart with two forks. But luckily most foods can be shredded using a grater. Popular foods to shred include lettuce, carrots, and radishes.

Basic Steps:

The steps below are for shredding something using a grater, like cheese or a vegetable.

  1. Have a bowl or clean surface ready to catch your grated parts.
  2. If you are grating cheese, try to chill the block of cheese first. This will make the cheese easier to shred.
  3. Move the food you are shredding against the grater, pressing just enough to start the shredding. Pressing harder against the grater will make the shredded pieces a little bigger and thicker, but might also clog your grater.

Tips For You:

  • If your grater gets clogged, simply rinse it under water. The clogged pieces of food should come right off!

Some Links To Help With Preparation: