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Shelling is the act of removing an outer covering of a food to access the inside. The “shell” can be either hard (such as a pistachio) or soft (such as a pea pod).



Difficulty to learn: Easy/Medium

Some Thoughts For You:

People remove the shell of foods for various reasons. The main factor is that most shells do not taste very good, nor do they digest well. Foods such as peanuts come with a shell if you buy them whole, and although the shell is technically edible, digestion problems can occur if ingested. Some foods, like peas, have “shells” that are perfectly edible.

Most foods can be shelled with just your fingers. Harder foods, such as lobster, may require special deshelling tools in order to access the food inside.

What You Will Need:

When shelling a food, have a separate area or a bowl to place the shells after.

Special kitchen tools needed to shell a food vary depending on what you are shelling. Try searching the name of the food followed by “shelling tool” to come up with specific results.

Tips For You:

  • Shelling is made easier if you have good fingernails, since you can dig them under the shell.

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