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When you roast a food, you are cooking it for a prolonged period of time in an oven or over a fire. Meats such as pork are a common food to roast.


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Some Thoughts For You:

Roasting a food is a process that can take a bit of time to perfect. When roasting meats, you need to roast at exactly the right temperature and for the precise amount of time to avoid over drying the meat.

Some people prefer to slow-roast their meat rather than roast it fast, since the meat tends to be more tender. However, you can also roast your meat at higher temperatures if you need the job done fast.

Besides roasting meat, you can also roast vegetables such as asparagus or potatoes. Since roasting involves dry heat (hot air from the oven) extra oil or butter is not needed.

What You Will Need:

Most of the time a roasting pan is useful for roasting meats. A roasting pan is a deep pan, occasionally containing a wire rack for placing the food on. This allows for the juices to be collected underneath if you are cooking meat. If you do not own a specific roasting pan, a regular pan will do fine (just make sure it is fairly deep since you don’t want meat juice falling all inside your oven).

You will also need an oven.

Basic Steps:

Tips For You:

  • Check the temperature specifications of the recipe carefully before roasting your food. Some require preheating the oven to a high temperature but then lowering it after you put the food in the oven.

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