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Refrigerating is when you put or keep food in a refrigerator in order to make it cold or keep it fresh.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

Why am I reading an article about refrigerating food? Everyone knows that you keep food fresh in the fridge! While this may be common knowledge, there are a few essential technical components to maximizing the freshness of your food while all but eliminating bacterial danger.



What You Will Need:

To properly refrigerate food and liquids, you will need a cooling appliance that can cool to the temperature range of 32-40° F. Outside of this temperature zone is the danger range, and foods can possibly attract unwanted bacteria.

Tips For You:

  • It is always beneficial to place any cooked food items into a Tupperware or other storage device. This will further minimize the chance of your food attracting bacteria.
  • Monitor the temperature of your fridge, temperature fluctuations could happen depending on the time of year.

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