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When you preheat, you are setting the temperature on your oven or cooking device before you cook something. The most common occurrence of preheating is in recipes involving an oven, such as baking cookies or brownies.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

There are a number of underlying reasons why preheating the oven before cooking is important. The biggest is that most recipes are time-specific. What this means is that if a recipe calls for the cookies to be baked for 14 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, the cookies need to start at 350 degrees. If they start at a lower temperature, the recipe time estimation will be less accurate.

During cooking, there are a number of chemical reactions occurring in the food. These reactions are enabled mostly due to higher heats, so if the oven is already heated to the proper temperature, the reactions can occur in their ideal way.


Tips For You:

  • Preheating is one of those steps that people forget the most, simply because it is so easy. Remind yourself when cooking to preheat the oven from the start, unless you will not need to use it for a long period of time.

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