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When you pack a food, you are tightly pushing it into a mold or measuring device. This allows for the food to be tightly condensed, and it allows for particular foods to hold the shape of the mold.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

Packing a food is pretty easy to do, and can serve a variety of purposes. A recipe may call for a cup of “packed” flour, meaning it is pushed down so there is no air between the flour particles. You could also pack gram cracker crumbs to make a pie crust. If you are pushing down the food to pack it like a snowball, then you are on the right track.

What You Will Need:

To pack a food you won’t need much. If you are packing food into a shape or mold, you will need the appropriate mold. You will also need a food that can pack and retain its shape, such as sticky rice or brown sugar.

To pack a food for a recipe measurement, you simply need the measuring device. Press down firmly on the food once it is in the measuring device until it is compacted.

Basically, if you have a food that will pack easily, you can pack it in just about anything.


Tips For You:

  • Packing works best when you apply firm and even pressure to entire surface area of the food. This will avoid any parts that are packed more tightly than the other.

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