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microwave is an electric oven that uses waves of energy to cook or heat food quickly. Microwaving food is the act of using a microwave to heat or cook the food.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

Microwaving is a relatively simple way to heat your food up. It is quick and gets the job done. However, just like any other shortcut, there are drawbacks to microwaving a food. Typically, heating a food in a microwave will make it soggier, rather than it being crispy when slowly cooking in the oven. Additionally, a few seconds could mean the difference between your food having a cold center or too cooked around the edges.

When using a microwave, always check to see what power setting it is set on. Sometimes a person could lower the power setting (or raise it) leading to badly cooked foods for you.

You can also use the preset buttons to your advantage. Buttons for specific foods are usually tailored to the proper heat and time intervals.

Never stick anything besides food in a microwave. Metal, plastics, and even paper can melt or burn if they are not “microwave safe”. If you are unsure if the material is safe to use in the microwave, do not use it. 

What You Will Need:

All you need in order to microwave food is a microwave. You can find one at almost any major retail store that has a home or cooking section. Basic models are relatively cheap, starting at around 50 USD.

Tips For You:

  • When microwaving any food, try to leave a circular hole in the center of it. The middle of the microwave gets the least amount of direct heat, so having a hole there can help ensure proper heating.
  • Even when using a designated food button on the microwave, keep an eye on it. Not all foods are cooked the same way, and a microwave fire is a rather nasty event to deal with.
  • Metal can spark or explode when placed in a microwave (so make sure to keep forks out of there). 

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