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When you knead, you are working dough with your hands by pressing, stretching, and folding it. Kneading the dough allows for it to be light and chewy once you cook.


Difficulty to learn: Medium

Some Thoughts For You:

Kneading is an essential preparation step to learn when making your own bread. It can also be useful for making pizza dough, or any other food that requires a dough. All you really need to knead by hand is some strength and a bit of time.

What You Will Need:

Assuming you already have dough mixed, you do not need much. Make sure you have a clean area for kneading, and have some flour on hand to sprinkle on your surface.

Basic Steps:

  1. Clean your preparation area and wash your hands.
  2. Pat a base layer of flour on the preparation area, and rub some extra on your hands. The dough will be sticky at first, so this helps to not make a mess.
  3. Pile the dough on the preparation surface. Begin to form it into a ball with your hands, gradually pressing down. Don’t worry if it’s sticky at first, this is normal!
  4. Begin to press the palm of your hand down into the dough, working it slowly. This is called “punching” the dough.
  5. After your dough begins to lay out, fold it in half and press down in the middle, so that the dough stretches out again. Then fold in half again. Then press down. And repeat. You should do this for around 10 minutes, or until the dough is shiny and smooth. A further test is to pick up the ball of dough and drop it on your preparation surface. If it retains its shape, your dough is ready!

Tips For You:

  • Different recipes may have you knead the dough for different lengths of time. Check the instructions carefully!

Some Links To Help With Preparation: