Help Pages for the Kitchology App:

First time with us, for assistance you can find guidance under the <Settings> icon followed by pressing the <Help> button.

<Help> is meant to provide guidance through each of the functions in this app.

<Foods to Avoid> is under <settings>.

We need to know what foods you want to avoid. Under <Foods to Avoid> choose which of the food groups are important to you to avoid. When you search for a recipe, you need to make sure that <Food Filter Applied> has been clicked to ensure that these particular foods you want to avoid are not included in the recipe search. If <No Food Filter Applied> is chosen than no filters in the search will be provided.

<Recipe Channels> go to <settings>.

Within the <Recipe Channels> you can use your <Inventory on Hand>, create something <Nostalgic>, <Trending> around you, cook it in the microwave in <Nuke It> or a create reflection of your cultural taste buds in <Cuisines of the World>. <In a Snap> will show you how to speed up your meal. Slide the tap to choose one of these <Recipe Channels> options. More channels will be available overtime and can always be accessed under the <Settings> icon.

<Kitchology’s Favorites> and <On Hand> recipe channels can be found under the <Search> icon.

<Kitchology’s Favorites> channel is always selected and found under <Recipes> icon. Our professional and amateur curators have scoured the web to find the most interesting recipes for families dealing with food allergies and food intolerance.

<On Hand> channel allows you to meet your personal preferences by creating a recipe based on ingredients you have on hand. You can search up to eight (8) ingredients. The ingredients are categorized for example by grains, snacks, fruit, vegetables and more. You can also search ingredients by typing them into the box. Make it nutritious, or exotic, with less salt or sugar too. Once you select your ingredients hit the search button for your recipe options.

Preparing the Meal: Now that a recipe has been selected, lets prepare the meal.   If you are making the meal later and you do not have all the ingredients you can add them to your shopping list by selecting the ones needed. The list is generated can be found at <To Buy> icon. The number presented next to < To Buy> is the number of items you have entered in you grocery list. To empty the list press <Done Shopping>.

Global Settings: These can be found under the iPhone settings.

Allow Location Information: This allows Kitchology to taylor recommendations for the recipe channel <Trending>.

Allow Photo Stream: This allows Kitchology to collect your pictures as you help build on community-curated knowledge and insight.

Share Photo Stream: This allows you to share your experience with your friends directly through Facebook, Twitter, texting and email.

Allow Screen Lock during Cooking: It overrides your iPhone backlighting and locking mechanism so the step by step cooking is always available for your review.

Kitchen Selection: Kitchology has three different kitchen organizor a user can connect with. Your Kitchen, Connected is the main kitchen. It can be accessed on the web and through the app.  The Experimental Kitchen is for advanced users. You need a different account to access it (that is, you need to register for that kitchen).  The Local Kitchen is on the phone. It is very limited but a good way to show the app when internet connection are not available (like on a plane ride).

Ingredient Information:

Are you interested in discovering more about ingredients in a recipe? Then select an ingredient of interest in the recipe you are planning to cook and press the <chef> icon (top right hand of app). Content (to be named later) page will present knowledge of that ingredient to include nutritional data along with links for more knowledge. In fact once you enter the content pages you can look up other ingredients too by pressing the info bar next to the search icon. Please provide us with feedback if we presented something wrong.

Kitchology stays with you throughout the step-by-step cooking process. Press the <Lets Cook> bar. Slide the picture view to continue to the next stage of the recipe. At any time we encourage you to take a <photo> of the ingredients steps throughout the cooking process. Don’t forget to press the <timer> when it appears at a step to help you keep track of the cooking time for that particular step.

We also encourage you to take pictures of the entire step-by-step cooking process in <photos>. When you are all done, send the collection of photos to one of your favorite social channels for others to enjoy.


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