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Heating is a blanket term meaning to add heat to a food or recipe. Microwaving some pie is heating, frying an egg is heating, and baking some cookies is heating.


Difficulty to learn: Easy/Medium/Hard

Since heating involves almost any preparation method using heat, the difficulty level can vary tremendously. 

Some Thoughts For You:

If you have cooked, then you have heated before. However, not all heating methods are equal in terms of difficulty, safety, and speed.

Heating methods are extremely diverse. Just a few examples of ways you could heat your food are by frying, grilling, microwaving, broiling, boiling, flaming, or simply leaving a very cold food at room temperature.

While there is not a single universal “champion” heating method, oven heating is usually the most applicable for recipes. Regardless, check your recipe carefully before cooking to see which methods of heating it requires.

Tips For You:

  • While microwaving can be faster than most heating methods, it also might make your food soggy or not be heated evenly.

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