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Frying is the cooking of food in an oil or fat.


Difficulty to learn: Easy/Medium

Some Thoughts For You:

You can use frying as a cooking method when added moisture, flavor, and texture are desired for a food.

There are different types of frying, including: deep fat frying, stir frying, and pan frying.

The method of deep fat frying immerses the whole food in fat. This type of frying is commonly used in restaurants. French fries, donuts, and fried meats such as chicken are examples of foods that are often deep fried. This can be a messy method to try at home.

Stir frying is a method of cooking ingredients quickly in a large hot pan, using oil with a high smoke point (such as peanut oil). This method is often used in Asian cooking is fun to try at home with a big pan or wok. This method can be very healthy if vegetables and lower fat meats are used.

Pan frying uses a flat pan or griddle to add texture and flavor. Eggs, meats, tofu and vegetables are often pan fried.

What You Will Need:

Frying is fairly straightforward, and you should only need the following for a basic fry:

  • A large flat pan which is approved for your stove top.
  • Some high smoke point oil, such as: peanut oil, canola oil, light olive oil
  • A heat resistant spatula or other flipping utensil
  • Optional tongs

Basic Steps:

The following steps apply for pan frying an egg but can apply to other fried foods.

  1. Crack one or two eggs per person in a bowl; a liquid measuring cup works well to easily pour individual eggs into your pan.
  2. Heat your empty pan over medium heat.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of oil or butter.
  4. Wait 30 seconds, allowing oil to heat or allowing butter to melt.
  5. Add one whole egg into pan.
  6. Wait about 1 minute until egg white turns opaque (no longer clear).
  7. Use your spatula to flip the egg. Make sure no oil or butter splashes on you!
  8. Allow the egg to cook one more minute.
  9. Remove from pan and place on plate.

Repeat steps 5-9, as desired, adding more butter/oil if needed. You are also welcome to fry more than one egg at a time if you feel comfortable. Fried eggs are delicious over sautéed greens, toast, and even on burgers.

Tips For You:

  • Try frying healthier ingredients, such as tofu and vegetables, sliced Brussels sprouts, in a mixture of butter and oil.
  • For a bit of a kick, toss some tofu and vegetables in a spicy hot sauce and serve with a Greek yogurt/blue cheese dip


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