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When you drizzle something, you are either pouring it in a thin stream or dripping it quickly over a food. One might drizzle balsamic vinegar over a salad, or chocolate over a cake.


Difficulty to learn: Medium

Some Thoughts For You:

A drizzle can serve a few purposes for preparation. The most obvious is that a proper drizzle can aesthetically enhance a recipe. It is a good finishing touch. Additionally, sometimes a recipe might not need a lot of a liquid ingredient. Too much chocolate would drench the desert, but a fine drizzle of it would push it to the next level.

It seems easy, but there is a fine line between a drizzle and a pour. You will not see the classic thin lines and drops of a drizzle with a pour.

What You Will Need:

You can accomplish a drizzle with most common kitchen tools. For a minimal drizzle, a bowl and a spoon will be sufficient.

If you need a longer steady drizzle, consider drizzling your ingredient right out of a bowl (slowly of course). You can also pour your ingredient into a plastic bag and snip off one end to create a makeshift icing tube, which is perfect for a continuous drizzle.

Tips For You:

  • For the best drizzle, keep your hands steady and move your drizzle ingredient slowly. Start at one end of the dish, and move slowly back and fourth while you carefully push upward.

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