Photo by Seth SawyersCreative Commons License.

Deboning is the act of removing the bones from a cut of meat. It is typically messy, and performed with a sharp knife.


Difficulty to learn: Hard

Some Thoughts For You:

Why on Earth would someone want to debone an animal? There are a few reasons actually! Deboning meat yourself means you can save money, whole animals are generally less expensive than already cut parts of meat. Additionally, the bones can be used in a recipe, such as stock.

Although deboning meat has a learning curve, it is an important cooking skill for any chef.

What You Will Need:

  • A large clean cutting board.
  • sharp knife. Sharp is essential, because a dull knife will slide all over the place and increase the chances of you getting accidentally hurt.
  • A nearby garbage or plastic bag, for the scraps
  • Although not necessary, kitchen scissors can help make some tough cuts if needed.

Basic Steps:

Deboning any cut of meat is complicated, and there are specific steps you should follow for your safety. Below are some links that will help with your deboning endeavors.

Tips For You:

  • Although a sharp knife is essential, it does not have to be large. Sometimes a smaller knife can fit into more precise places.

Some Links To Help With Preparation: