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When you crush a food, you condense it down to its smallest particles, usually using a mortar and pestle or a rolling pin. This technique can also be used to obtain the juices within a food.


Difficulty to learn: Medium

Some Thoughts For You:

Crushing a food is different than juicing or blending it, since you often are retaining some of the texture and consistency. Crushing certain foods (such as olives, mint leaves, or garlic) can allow for essential oils to escape that might have been otherwise mixed in completely with the pulverized and blended ingredient. Different ingredients also call for different instruments to crush with. When crushing garlic, a garlic press is recommended. When crushing mint leaves, professional chefs will use a mortar and pestle. And for crushing cookies or candy canes, a simple hard surface can work wonders.

What You Will Need:

No matter what you crush, you will need a clean surface and a way to collect the crushed ingredient/juices. A bowl is recommended to crush the ingredient in, and you can use a dropper or syringe if you need a precise amount of oil.


Basic Steps:

Since there are a variety of ways to crush ingredients, check out these links below for some inspiration!

Tips For You:

  • Remember to think about what ingredient you are crushing, because while there may be various methods of crushing, a certain method might be most appropriate.

Some Links To Help With Preparation: