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To crumble is to break a food or ingredient into pieces or fragments. Common examples for crumbling include brown sugar, graham crackers, and potato chips.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

Crumbling has a number of uses. People crumble a mixture of sugar and oats over apples for an apple crumble. Others crumble potato chips over cookies for an extra crunchy effect.

It is simple to crumble an ingredient. Crumbling is easiest when the ingredient can be broken apart easily, but still retains some solid form. For example, you would not crumble granulated sugar. Rather, you would sprinkle it.

What You Will Need:

Crumbling can mostly be done with a little effort using your hands. Slowly working your fingers over the ingredient allows for a consistent and easy crumble.

If you really do not want to get your hands dirty, consider using a potato masher or wooden spoon on your ingredient until it achieves the desired state of crumble.

Tips For You:

  • Making a good apple crumble topping will work best when the topping isn’t too wet. Remember, a good crumble can only happen if all of the crumbled pieces do not stick entirely together.

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