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Cooling is the process of making a food less hot. Making something less hot can be accomplished through a variety of methods, ranging from placing it in a refrigerator to adding ice.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

You might have to cool your food for various purposes. Maybe your soup is a tad too hot, or perhaps you are supposed to place your pie in the refrigerator for an hour after baking. Regardless of your purpose, as long as the food is becoming less warm you are successfully cooling it.

Tips For You:

  • Remember that cooling something with ice will add water as the ice melts, so do not add too much to a soup or tea unless you like it watery.
  • Never place a very hot pan or cooking utensil directly onto a counter or into your refrigerator. Always place it on an oven mitt or a trivet to prevent potential damage to your surface.
  • Cooling a food on the counter is fine to do, but if you are leaving it for an extended period of time make sure to cover it. You never know what germs (or pets) could get to it while you’re away.

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