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Cooking is a “blanket term” that refers to the act of combining ingredients and heating them to complete a recipe. However, the term “cook” is often broadly used in recipes, and can mean anything from heating a single item to simply preparing a meal.


Difficulty to learn: Easy/Medium/Hard

Since cooking can mean everything from heating up a sausage to creating a meal from dozens of ingredients, there is no one set difficulty for this preparation method.

Some Thoughts For You:

Everyone likes a hot meal, so generally you encounter some form of “cooking” every day. While some recipes require no cooking (think of making a salad where no heating is involved), most recipes call for at least some form of cooking throughout it.

What You Will Need:

Cooking has two main components: the combining of ingredients and the heating of them.

For combining ingredients, you will generally need a pot, bowl, plate, or any container that can hold ingredients. You will also need something to stir them, such as a wooden spoon. If you are heating the ingredients in the container, make sure that it is approved to use on your heat source.

When you heat ingredients you would generally use a stove top. However, technically a microwave or any open flame would be a heat source. Choose your heat source based on the recipe.

Tips For You:

  • When working around any heat source, use caution to avoid getting burned. Always have a method of extinguishing a fire just in case the recipe takes a turn for the worse.

Some Links To Help With Preparation: