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To chill a food is to keep a food at a cool temperature (below 40 degrees Fahrenheit). It is an alternative to freezing, since the moisture inside the food does not solidify during chilling.




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Some Thoughts For You:

You could have various motives for chilling a food or drink. Maybe your freshly made soup is just way too hot. Or perhaps your fruit salad cannot be kept at room temperature.

Chilling methods and techniques vary wildly depending on what you are trying to chill. Adding some ice to a liquid is a good tactic to cool it quickly, but the melted water can dilute your liquid. Placing your food or drink in the refrigerator is another common chilling tactic. Some people in cold climates have even taken to building underground storage rooms for a natural chilling effect.

Putting items in the freezer would not be considered chilling (unless it was done for only a few minutes).

Tips For You:

  • A good tactic for chilling beer or wine bottles fast is to fill a metal bucket with water and ice. Then, toss some salt into the water. This will chill your bottles rapidly in around 10 minutes. Just monitor the bottles with a touch-test to make sure they are not getting too cold.

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