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When you beat a food or mixture, you are mixing it rapidly in order to make it smooth and light by incorporating as much air as possible. This can be done by hand, although there are machines that will beat the mixture or food for you.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

Before we start, please know that mixing and beating are not the same things. When you mix something, you combine ingredients together through stirring. You do this lightly, and not for too long. Beating ingredients involves using an electric mixer or a whisk at very high speeds in order to incorporate air into the mixture. This is necessary for some recipes like cakes or anything with a beaten egg. If the ingredients are mixed and not beaten, the recipe could fail to cook properly.

What You Will Need:

Beating something will get messy. Especially if you are using an electric mixer. You can avoid this by using the electric mixer on a lower speed or by using a taller bowl.

If you are beating anything from an egg to cake mix you will need:

  • An electric mixer (preferred)
  • A whisk (if you do not have an electric mixer)
  • A large bowl for beating (either glass or metal)
  • A towel in case you spill anything


Basic Steps:

  1. Set up a clean area, your bowl, and either electric mixer or whisk. Put down a towel or some newspapers if you are going to beat a large amount of something, just in case of a spill.
  2. Get the ingredient(s) ready in the bowl.
  3. If you are using an electric mixer, place it in the ingredients and turn it on to a low setting. Slowly increase the speed, rotating the bowl slowly to make sure all of the bowl’s contents are beaten. Continue doing so at whatever speed the recipe says, as well as for however long it recommends.
  4. For a whisk, rotate the bowl in the same manner, continuing to move your hand at a rapid pace to simulate an electric mixer. You might have to do this method for longer, since the mixer will beat the ingredients at a much higher speed.

Tips For You:

  • According to many chefs, beating an egg by hand may take up to 45 minutes in order to achieve the perfect beaten level. Because of this, an electric mixer is highly recommended. Cheap hand mixers generally retail for 40 dollars and under.

Some Links To Help With Preparation: