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When a recipe calls for you to add something, you are joining one ingredient or set of ingredients with another ingredient or set of ingredients. Typically, the recipe will specify the amount to be added.


Difficulty to learn: Easy

Some Thoughts For You:

Adding ingredients is relatively straightforward… for the most part. Most of the time you encounter a step in a recipe where you need to add something, it will be adding the entirety of that ingredient or mixture to something else.

However, it is important to read the step carefully as you might only need to add part of the ingredient, or only add a little at a time. A good example of this is baking recipes that require eggs to be added one at a time (in order for the eggs to be mixed together entirely with the other ingredients).

Tips For You:

  • Read the recipe ahead of time and highlight steps where you are only adding a specific amount of something, or are adding it gradually. This will make sure you do not add it all at once when you are caught up in the cooking adrenaline rush.

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